Dear visitors.

Geromichalos Hotel starts operating from June 15th and adheres to the new health protocols, as established by the authorities. We are following the maintenance and disinfection program, with particular emphasis on the new requirements. The safety of all is important.

Among other things, we have established:

  • Cleaning program with emphasis on “disputed” surfaces and approved cleaning products.
  • Observance of safety rules
  • Marking, information, disinfection stations and continuous supervision.
  • Action Plan and precautionary measures.
  • Information from the authorities for the developments and instructions.


We stay safe & customize our services.


Air Condition

All of our air conditioning units, both in public areas and in rooms, have been disinfected.

We recommend that you regularly open windows for fresh air.


Check in/check out

Arrival time: 15:00

Departure time 11:00



Cleaning service

Your room is delivered clean and with an emphasis on disinfection.

A basic cleaning service will be done daily.

Change of clothes & towels as well as detailed cleaning only on request

Please notify the Reception Department by calling No. 09



If you feel unwell, or have symptoms such as fever, losses of smell, cough, etc., please stays in your room and call the Reception Department (no 09), or +302352091130, +306942615977   from your cell phone.


All people staying with you are kindly requested to stay in the room as well.


Customer’s File

By Government order and for the purposes of public health protection actions, we must keep a record of address, telephone, e-mail & nationality information along with the other necessary details of the Registration Form.



We recommend that you avoid using the elevator when possible and use the stairs to avoid overcrowding. Please wear your mask in the elevator.


Thank you for your cooperation, and Have a nice stay!!!


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